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Born Brisbane

Lives and works Melbourne.



Bachelor of Fine Art - Visual Art [Hons. 1] Queensland University of Technology – 2006



Robes, curated by David Attwood, Disneyland Paris, Melbourne


Sleeping Under a Motorcycle Not Sleepy 2019, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Summer Night Window Projection, Melbourne

8 Soups, Institute For Provocation, Beijing, China


Central Station, Kuiper Projects, Brisbane


Plus Solids, Bus Projects, Melbourne


Cosmo's, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney

Ear in the afternoon, Mes 56, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Ring Around the Dowser, Screen Space, Melbourne


A Surrogate For Fear of Sculpture, Fremantle Arts Centre, Western Australia

The Sun’s Been Up For Hours, Blindside, Melbourne


A Black Line Wriggling on a White Sheet, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France

Tim Woodward – Ring Around the Dowser, Geomuseum, Munster

House Lights, TCB art inc., Melbourne

Concertistic Life, BOXCOPY, Brisbane

True Timbre [Artist's statement read by my father], Screen Space, Melbourne

Standard Candle, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney


Förderverein Aktuelle Kunst, Münster

Screen Insight, West Space, Melbourne


Up In The Air Down In The Dumps, Rearview Gallery, Melbourne


Charlie you're a voice, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane 


Pillars of faith: Piling up dirt, Jogja National Museum, Indonesia

Going in all languages, Metro Arts, Brisbane 


Helps out, Boxcopy, Brisbane

99.0% Positive, Seventh, Melbourne

All Together Now, QUT Art Museum, Brisbane



Art Jog MMXIX, Jogja National Museum, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The Process of Making, Westspace Fundraiser 2019, Westspace, Melbourne


Darren Knight Gallery at Sarah Scout PresentsSarah Scout Presents, Melbourne

The Process of Making, Westspace Fundraiser 2019, Westspace, Melbourne


Darren Knight Gallery at Spring 1883, Room 55, The Establishment Hotel, Sydney

World Dictionary, Rearview, Melbourne

LOOSEN, TCB art inc., Melbourne


Drawings, Artery Studio 22, Melbourne

The Number You Have Reached, curated by Tim Woodward and Sarah Werkmeister, Success, Fremantle


The Churchie: National Emerging Art Prize, Griffith University Art Gallery, Brisbane 

GOMA Q: Contemporary Queensland Art, Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane


minus20degree, Art and Architecture Biennale, Flachau, Austria

2014 National Works on Paper, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, Victoria

Quotidian Rhythms, 2014 MAF Video, Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne, Victoria


Summer Series 3: Thank You Very Much, BUS Projects, Melbourne

Art & Australia Collection 2003 – 2013, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery and Arts Centre, Sydney


This is what I do, Curated by Wes Hill, CAST, Hobart, Tasmania

.MOV, New Low, Melbourne

History and Images, Salzburg Summer Academy of Fine Arts, Salzburg

The impossibility of possibility, BUS Projects, Melbourne

Rubes!, FELTspace, Adelaide


My own private neon oasis, Museum of Brisbane, Sunnybank

This is what I do, Metro Arts, Brisbane

Soft Site, AASS: Offsite, Brisbane

The Knowledge, Invisible Structures, Post Museum, Singapore


Structural Integrity, Next Wave Festival, Melbourne

Some Absolute Beauties Seventh, Melbourne

Natural Extension & Tools of Virtue, The Lock-Up Cultural Centre, Newcastle

Not apt to disclose secrets, The Wandering Room, Brisbane


Total Nowhere Emotion Expansion, Brisbane Festival screening, Brisbane

Taking Up Space: Collaboration with Timothy P Kerr, inbetweenspaces, Brisbane

Open Studio and Europaisches Sound Art Festival, Gestalt, Berlin

Lean Towards Indifference!, No Frills*, Brisbane

Heads You Lose, Blindside, Melbourne


The Art Resort, QUT Art Museum, Brisbane

Great Expectations, Next Wave Festival, Melbourne

Perfection: Human Action as Performance as Human Behaviour, Metro Arts, Brisbane


Christmas Special, Boxcopy, Brisbane

I want to believe, TCB Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

Home Improvement, Boxcopy, Brisbane

The Shape of Things to Come, The Block, QUT, Brisbane



Brisbane Cruise Terminal, Multipex Portside Wharf, temporary public artwork, 2008 Commissioned by Brookfield Multiplex and Artworkers Alliance



Institute for Provocation, Beijing, China, 2019

Salzburg International Summer Academy - Prof. Peter Friedl, 2012

Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant to complete studies at the Salzburg International Summer Academy, mentored by Peter Friedl, and attend Documenta XIII and Manifesta 9; Salzburg, Austria, Kassel, Germany and Limburg, Belgium, July - September 2012

Asialink Visual Arts Residency - Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta, 2010

The Lock-Up Cultural Centre, Newcastle, 2010

GlogauAiR, Berlin, 2009



Art & Australia / Credit Suisse Private Banking Contemporary Art Award, 2012

Ian Potter Cultural Trust Grant, 2012

The Melville Haysom Memorial Art Scholarship awarded by The Queensland Art Gallery, 2011

Janet Holmes a Court Artists’ Grant, NAVA, 2010

Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize - finalist, 2010

The Churchie Art Award - finalist, 2009

Eyeline QUT Visual Art Graduate Award, 2006



Down the wrong pipe, Writing and Concepts Lecture Series: Tim Woodward, Buxton Contemporary, online, 2020

Super Indo Sculpture Park - Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta, 2010

2nd Inaugural Y.F.C.C - Boxcopy, 2010

Accidents happen vs Accidents don't happen - Mailbox 141, Melbourne, 2010

Inaugural Yulia Felbermayr Challenge Cup - Boxcopy, 2009

‘Solander’ – Collaboration with Ken Weston, Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF), ACMI, 2007



Garbage Island, Runway (http://runway.org.au/), Issue 24 (http://runway.org.au/category/issue/24/)

Incremental maintenance, Brooke Ferguson - Boxcopy, 21 May - 25 June, 2011

Live for Satan, Ican Harem - Boxcopy, 22 Jan - 12 Feb, 2011

‘white is white is white’ – exhibition text for 'New Work' by Sebastian Moody, Ryan Renshaw, April 2010.

Office of Australia, Dirk Yates – Boxcopy, 23 Jan – 20 Feb, 2010

Hand Made Strange – Artisan idea:skill:product (formerly Craft QLD), 5 Feb – 4 April, 2009

A Street Art Exhibition – Boxcopy, 26 Sep – 24 Oct, 2008



Clej, D. I think we have a situation here, exhibition text: Charlie You’re a Voice – GoMA 2011

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Hurrell, J. Self-broadcasting as Community Television, EyeContact, review, September 2011

Kubler, A. Heads you lose, catalogue essay, Blindside, 2009

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UN. magazine issue #6.1, 2012 - artist page.

Zamagni, G., Profanation. Of the Odd, catalogue essay, Ring Around the Dowser, Geomuseum, Munster, 2014

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